Incredible Video of A-10 Warthog's Fearsome GAU-8 Avenger in Action

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Video: Incredible Video of A-10 Warthog's Fearsome GAU-8 Avenger in Action

The A-10 Thunderbolt is also known as the Warthog, the ‘flying gun’ and the Tankbuster.
The A-10 is a high-survivability and versatile aircraft, popular with pilots for the ‘get home’ effectiveness.

The mission of the aircraft is ground attack against tanks, armoured vehicles and installations, and close air support of ground forces.

The A-10 is suitable for operation from forward air bases, with short take-off and landing capability. The aircraft has a long range (800 miles), high endurance and can loiter in the battle area.

The manoeuvrability at low speed and low altitude (below 1,000ft) allows accurate and effective targeting and weapon delivery over all types of terrain.
The GAU-8/A 30mm Gatlin gun iis installed on the U.S. Air Force’s A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft and the Navy’s Goalkeeper Close-In Weapon System. The GAU-8/A provides a reliable, high-rate-of-fire, combat-proven weapon for close air support and shipboard defense missions.

Each of the gun’s seven barrels contains its own breech bolt assembly, which fires once per gun revolution. This ensures long barrel life because firing loads are distributed over all seven barrels. Continuous rotary motion reduces impact loads on gun components, leading to long parts life and high reliability.

The A-10 aircraft is specifically designed to provide close air support. The GAU-8/A gun provides rapid response to threats that are in close proximity to friendly ground forces and is well suited for engagements inside missile envelopes.

In the Goalkeeper application, the GAU-8/A fires a lethal, high-kinetic-energy 30mm Missile-Piercing Discarding Sabot round.

Video by Airman 1st Class Christina Rios, Senior Airman Christina Rios, Tech. Sgt. William Hopper, Tech. Sgt. Eric E Flores

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  • Luvs to Thunderbolt when they shoot the Gau8 Avenger Canon...the sound is awesome.I know this plane when i was young & watch the cartoon of G.I Joe

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  • Oddly enough this plane was originally known as the Rattler and was actually designed by James McCullen...

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  • With such a automatic weapon why would even think of replacing it except if you were the enemy and was afraid of it’s ausom power and defensive capability

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  • Greatest pilots in the world! ‘Our A-10’s fly over us regularly, we love seeing and hearing them! Martin State Airport, Baltimore National Guard, Middle River, Maryland! Thank you Sirs, you kept our precious daughter safe in theater, in the desert of Iraq! You are our HEROS! An Army Mom, U.S. Army Active Reserve( Sgt. 1st Class, stationed Aberdeen Proving Ground, Middle River Maryland) God Bless, keep you safe, come home soon!

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  • I am thankful the the A-10 is in OUR arsenal!

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  • Didn't it wipe out over 900 Iraq tanks?That gun is evil.

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  • Used to sneak onto Fort Drum (still Camp Drum then I think) near Antwerp back in high school in the 80's and watch them make firing runs and drop white "dummy" bombs from a couple miles away. It was amazing! You'd feel the brrrrrrrppppp in your chest and hear it a couple seconds after you saw the smoke from the gun and the target (usually) disintegrate. Beautiful beasts!

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  • And very good at friendly fire in the Gulf War with the pilot Yahooing as he hit a British APV with clearly marked orange panel.

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    • You forgot to mention all the times that it bailed out US troops and allies in both Afghanistan and Iraq. This plane was a troop saver. But you don't want to mention that right? Course not. How could we expect anymore from somebody named yak.

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  • I've seen one of these planes up close and personal and they are an awesome plane

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  • This is what it all takes to keep these and most other mil aircraft flying, so I appreciated the broad picture of the video. I decided to comment on 4K thumbs down because I realized from comments; they were either bored, expecting non-stop strike footage or were someone who is commenting n has no clue and will never support the military.

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  • Amazing machinery, but it relies on depleted uranium and we are poisoning whole swaths of the Earth with that crap. Generations suffer from our inability to live together on this planet.

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    • @Your Daddy You are correct. It doesn't rely on it. I pull that comment. Like your dad should have.

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    • Incorrect information. This gun does not rely on depleted uranium rounds. Those given extra kick for sure but we can use regular rounds in this gun and have it be super effective. Wasn't designed to shoot those uranium rounds those came later on. Like your sister

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  • They used to practice on the firing range at Wainfleet in Lincolnshire in the UK near where I lived..They missed as much as they hit!!!

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    • @Your Daddy It doesn't take too much to get your knickers in a twist does it?..Here's an extract from a newspaper clip going back to 2003. Wounded British soldiers condemn US 'cowboy' pilot, staff and agencies. Mon 31 Mar 2003 10.19 AEST British soldiers injured when a US "tankbuster" aircraft attacked their convoy, killing one of their comrades, hit out angrily at the "cowboy" pilot today. Troops wounded in Friday's attack accused the A-10 Thunderbolt pilot of "incompetence and negligence" while others privately called for a manslaughter prosecution. The comments came as America's most senior military official vowed to make it his quest to stop future "friendly fire" tragedies. General Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, apologised for the deadly error by the A-10 in southern Iraq. I like your comment about being a "spunky Englishmen that wears his hat at jaunty angles", it made my day! 🤣 Can you spare me some of your chewing gum please?

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    • Same can be said for you right? You missed way more than you hit. It's probably cuz you're a spunky Englishmen that wears his hat at jaunty angles. Never never never make light of American airpower ya mooch. Because you'll never know when we're going to have to come in and bail you Brits out again.

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  • So, what does the target look like after the burst of bullets?

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    • It hasn’t been... yet

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  • Now I know what happened to all my old Army vehicles from the 80'

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  • It's useless until it is flown (with other types of aircrafts) to destroy iran's nuke plants.

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    • yes honey we need destruction!!

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