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Hey Alan Army! This video is another extremely generous act caught on camera. The ending gave me hope. Inspired by the Stokes Twins. Broken phone sad man.


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🔥 WHO AM I 🔥
Hey friends, I'm Alan Chikin Chow!!
I'm a creator, actor & writer. My mission is to inspire people of all backgrounds and identities to unite through laughter. 🤍

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  • I would have gave him a Fixed phone even if it's tiny its something

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  • Another Craig phone while

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  • The guy was greedy u know

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  • Now he can sold the phone get money and fix the screen easy

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  • Is it broken 😅

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  • I didn't know you was going to give him a broken phone you should treat other human beings like you want them to treat you

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    • It's a joke damn

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    • I didn't know you was going to give him a broken phone you should treat other human being like you want them to treat you

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  • The boy who is begging is Nelson in dhar maan

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  • What’s this song called if u know it pls tell me!

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    • The song is called Surrender

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  • El chico: ... gracias??

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  • You do that you're a meanie never going to give you anything when you broke

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  • Preko

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  • God bless you good guy

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  • Why did he not making sad's story

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  • Your mean that really like what the fuck I thought you were a post to give kindness

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