Fast, Medium or Slow Food Challenge #2 by Multi DO Challenge

2021 Бар 10-нд
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Do you prefer to slowly enjoy your food or scarf it all down in a matter of seconds? Find our which tactic is the better one in our latest challenge! You’re gonna love this one!
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  • I live the all foods chili also

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  • Omg she eat bubble gum Like That So big

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  • I really like the video of the bleeding 🩸 nodels

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  • I HATE you JESS

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  • Bagus ya kenyang banget apa ga kenyang 💪🤔🤔🤔

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  • How to get diabetes: 3:17

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  • Thats a big big boblegum lol

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  • ومل نمامناممتم

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  • The chili I eat in real life it's not spicy

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    • Our chilli is abit spicy sam here

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  • I love lemon

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  • So hot chip make girls hot

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  • What the hell have I just seen in my recommendations

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  • Pasta pot make me feel hungry

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  • 4:04 Nutella is over?

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  • Noodles

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  • Quarantine level 100 here but it's a super challenge so you'll need some friends but Nutella. I'm crying

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  • That was silly string pink

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  • so as the yellow shirt girl

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  • I already want ice cream

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  • So....this is MAKING ME HUNGRY

  • Why they eat it so ugly

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  • Made me so hungry

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  • Now I want to eat noodles

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  • Wait there is inappropriate words in this video

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  • Hoo yummy food items

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  • 2 sec later: *sprays my computer with holy water and light and throws the bible and the cross at my computer* (and that's how i broke my computer screen TwT)

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    • This is not Gacha heat that’s you only have 3 likes

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  • Video: Crap i will have to be moving in a snail's past :( Me: DID YOU JUST SAY ONE OF THE C WORDS!!??!? IS THIS A KID FRIENDLY CHANEL OR NOT!??!? >:(

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  • I seen a lot of videos of you guys stuffing it in your mouth but I don't do that not a lot but I do it

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  • Yung isa binasa nang tubig

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  • Yummy Nutella it make me so hurey

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    • U don't like the spicy tho I'm for sure

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  • You better do the noodles

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  • i wish i could do a bubble like susie

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  • u u r funny

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  • Kok BHS Inggris bukan BHS Indonesia sih 😭😭😭

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  • You big medium and small

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  • The lemon part made me sad

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  • Why would they hate lemons, i love sour things

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  • i love nutella!

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  • This blond girl ALLWAYS needs TO RUIN THE GIRLS FOOD 🙄

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  • when you make challenge i like it when who First is like speeding noodles when i don't like how you guys are making a mess but is kinda fun

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    • @العازي عمر i am furry but i am a cat

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    • @العازي عمر what

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    • It'd be

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  • 4:18 idk I just put a random number lol

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  • so gross but i like it

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  • stop playing with foods

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  • Kaylee is going to come and dad mom and mom dad mom and you

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  • Only first challenge fast ,middle and slow other challenges are not nice

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