Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)

2021 Бар 18-нд
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I glitterbombed my way up the scammer chain of command. Come join me in my Creative Engineering class!!
If you suspect that you or a loved one has been the victim of fraud, you can call or visit the National Elder Fraud hotline ( at 833-372-8311 and report it to the FTC by visiting the agency’s website ( or calling 877-382-4357.
Go watch Jim’s video to see how he located the scammers and subscribe to his channel-
Go check out Perog's version here too-
New music this time from the talented Laura Shigihara-

  • Have a *proactive* conversation about this with older folks you heart. And THEN come join me in my Creative Engineering Course!!

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    • Like and share ! It helps a lot. 👍🆙 👇

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    • I wanna see you master redstone im minecraft

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    • What a scumbag you should be to take advantage of an old granny

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    • @DannyX may

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  • This is Awesome! Those thiefs Will get karma :] and GET OUT SMELLY THIEFS

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  • I would hang up after I saw +$20,000 even if I dident know that it wasent real😁😁

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  • lol (dont bully me plz)

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  • This guy is awesome : anyone hear the plants vs zombies music ?

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  • These scammers need to get real bombs in the mail

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  • Wait, so you can just stop a random FedEx truck and open up random packages?

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  • the hero we need

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  • Plants vs zombies has come this far lol

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  • I love your work Thank You

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  • Awesomeness!!!!✌❤😁🙏

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  • This is amazing work Mark

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  • I ran into a scammer from my job and he dose it on phone so if i can get more info i hope i can give it to you some way to catch him if i can without him knowing and getting me caught lol

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  • I’m a retired fire officer and arson investigator. I hate scammers, I saw sooo many get way with insurance fraud. You are my hero.

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  • Thanks for what you are doing. Please be careful and stay safe. Happy Friday.

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  • The world needs more people like you guys.

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    • nah

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  • scammers sucks!

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    • Crypto is the new gold

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    • Most intelligent words I've heard.

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  • I need some help from u. In writing l'm basicly doing a bio of u and there aren't many websites about u. My guestions are where where u born your parents,spouse,where u live now and facts about your life now. I hope u can help if not ok. I'm a huge fan and i wanna do your monthly class, pls help me. : )

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  • Oh these scammers 🤬

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  • Great job 👍


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  • Love it 😀

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  • nice

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  • So, I'm wondering if you could come up with something for people who go through trash looking for identifying information to steal. We don't throw stuff like that away but, someone is going through our trash and setting stuff with our names on it in a neat pile. I have a shredder for a reason but, it would be nice to teach them a lesson.

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  • breh pvz soundtrack

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  • If Marky is doing a video about this is because it is now a thing

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  • Imagine if Miss Bessie just refreshed the page after the HTML inspect XD

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  • Can you catch gift card scammers

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  • F for Gary who got involved in all of this mess

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  • Make a mouth speaking food launcher

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  • This has to be the most epic scammer takedown in all of MNred history, And I’m here for all of it!

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  • Yes! please don't stop doing what you're doing.

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  • This video can’t have enough views It’s horrible what’s going on

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  • I hope they rot in jail

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  • Proud of you guys 👍👍👍

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  • Great work.

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  • Legend!

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  • I need your help

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  • The supervisor is a Chinese from China, no surprise here!

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  • Thank you Man for doing this . Respect 🙏

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  • They may hate these guys in India but when interviewed people at the call centres don’t seem to care when they apply for a job whether it is a genuine trustworthy employer like a big bank or a scammer. Makes no diff to them. It’s a job. That said, the India police are furious that the US moan about call centres but won’t set up a task force to report scans to them. They tell US victims they report but the India police say - they don’t bother.

    Kevin ShanahanKevin Shanahan8 цагийн өмнө
  • HOLY Mark you should sign up to be an FBI

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  • I will trace their ip and brick all their pc's

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  • One tried me yesterday and didn’t like when I said I’m a cop and I needed his information so I can give it to my sargent. He hung up and I literally trolled him for a hour until he begged me to stop. Then he called my mother phone from the same 407 area code number and I trolled him for another 20 minutes. I’m not a police officer btw.

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  • i learn from him then i learn from school

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  • This all started because one person stole a package... props to them.

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  • so mark is a freakin cop now. noice

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  • Tq

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  • This is the Lords work brotha!!! Thank you for sticking up for your fellow man

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  • Most of scammers are from India 🇮🇳!

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  • This makes me sick.

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  • Nice to see these scammers getting karma thrown at them

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  • These scammers must be brought to justice. Its pathetic how they con these people.

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  • Omg I love this. It’s so satisfying to watch

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  • Wait a second I saw my state Illinois on there lmao.

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  • Justice is served, but this time, on a glitter covered platter

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  • Mark Rober marks robbers.

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  • My grandma just got scammed for $30,000 :(((((((, is there any way I can get the money back:(((((

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  • "america"

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  • Dude. I really appreciate what you're doing. It's awesome. These scammers need to know they aren't untouchable. Keep up the great work!

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  • Yes, because a business will email YOU money because YOU made a typo

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  • Ahh so many verified

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  • One upgrade you should make is to put wireless charging power banks in the bottom to the phones will stay charged longer and you could still use the charging mat idea.

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  • Anyone else hyped for the new vid tomorrow reguarding marks sons death? Wooohooooo

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    • @Niki Rayzman shut up kid I

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    • You are a silly person who is making rude and sad comments

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  • 18:09 PvZ theme

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  • This is just the classiest trolling ever, with some sweet-justice-cherries on top. Those disgusting scammers in those calls are just the scum of the earth.. Nice going. You made my day with this one.

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  • He just did what's called "A Pro Gamer Move"

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  • My teacher made us watch 3 of your videos and read a passage called "The Stinky Smell of Revenge" so now I'm obsessed. I want to find all of these people!!!

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  • I can imagine the scammers watching this now. 🙄

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  • Mark definitely worked for the CIA, NSA, or FBI at one point

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  • Newark NJ 🙁

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  • You are awesome!!! Thanks for your service

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  • I like the pvz background music

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  • Nice job catching him so professional!

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  • Mark is like a real-life superhero, stopping crimes with science!

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  • You are awesome! Thanks for what you are doing!

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  • Finally I am tired of these numbers calling everyday.. hopefully this gets shut down soon

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  • Bro look at some of the bills they dont look like the actual one that they put in the book

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  • Ahaha this video was great!!

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  • THANKS, Mark, for applying your prodigious talent to helping trusting seniors. This is even more important than the Mars Rover work. You make these videos hilarious. Thanks for your service to our country!

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  • You got the ladies money back you guys are heroes

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  • I love. how he has Jay-Z and Elon in is contacts like he is friends with them lol.

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  • How in the world are there 14k dislikes? Are there really that many a**holes out there that don't want scammers to get their justice?

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  • He started to say we'll be executing and I was like woah, but then it was cool

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  • An idea is maybe one day you could make an animatronic like the ones from FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's). This is just a suggestion, but it would be cool. By the way I love your videos and I am subscribed. Your videos make me want to do my best in school.

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  • wish this video had subtitles to show my latino parents

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  • What apps can you use for code

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  • KITBOGA! he plays the best old people hahaha

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  • Mark I need help with something I think it's a sceamer because some one called my dad an it says the neam of it likely a scamer

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    • Tell me if you can help

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  • Of core there is 1 in Illinois I live in the state I laughed a lot wait to in Illinois lol

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  • "Sparkly evidence" haha, I love it

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  • Every time i get a call from a scammer i get excited because its so fun to toy with them

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  • Thank you for doing this!!

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  • This is amazing!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  • i hope i never get scammed

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