I Surprised MrBeast With A Custom House

2020 Гах 23-нд
31 503 788 Үзсэн тоо

We surprised MrBeast with a custom house then gave it to someone who really needed it
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ZHC & MrBeast surprise someone with a custom hand painted house
Special thanks to @MrBeast and his crew!

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    • You should’ve brought Izzy

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    • Hi

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    • surprising thing mr beast has more like + more replies on his comment

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  • I think Mitchel and Zach is in love😍😍😍😍

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  • make a gaming channell

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  • Oh, how the tables turned! haha

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  • Sheck be BIG!!!

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  • The dislikes are from chandler on different accounts because he didn’t get the house

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  • Can we appreciate the fact that ZHC is wearing Mr Beast merch

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  • 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚞𝚢 𝚖𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚋𝚎 𝚊𝚜 𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚑 𝚊𝚜 𝚖𝚛 𝚋𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚝 𝚒 𝚖𝚎𝚊𝚗 𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚑𝚘𝚠 𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚒𝚙𝚊𝚍𝚜 𝚑𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚜

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  • 7:31 so funny

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  • Zhc: I need you to paint this whole hallway blue Michelle: oh zhc: good girl

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  • I won’t :)

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  • DONT LIE 👿

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  • The video is awesome because did do you know one of my favorite Colors is blue

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  • ZHC and Mr.Beast with other MNredrs I like

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  • It looks so good

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  • At 8:23 LAMFK

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  • yay you brought back tari

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  • dm giàu vcl @@

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  • How about custom TV‘s 🤯

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  • 5:40 what is that laugh dude 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • In navotas st 213 tuazon

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  • ZHC i wanted a limo car to surprise my mom i am in Philippines so i canta speak Philippines plsss with costume hello kitty 😢😢😢😢😢😢

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  • Thumbnail: *suprising mrbeast with a custom house* video: *givven nolan the house

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  • So cool

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  • WoaH

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  • Very nice painting I LOVE ITTT

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  • i subd last year im gonna unsubcrib *jk*

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  • 17:33

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  • but i like it (^∀^●)ノシ

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  • Nice painting

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  • Just commenting

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  • How are you Doing that ???

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  • 8:52 WHOAAAAAA Jake chill out with that hand

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  • Isn’t this mar beasts brothers old house??......

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  • Ye

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  • u do so much for everyone :) love this channel

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  • u do so much for everyone :) love this channel

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  • I love you

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  • 8:15 cool

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  • Can you ask the person that painted the shark to come to my house and do it on the wall please?

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  • ZHC is like an art version of Mr.Beast

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  • 0:00

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  • Mr Beast and ZHC BEST COLLAB EVER!

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  • I love the art, so futuristic🤩😍🥰

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  • I love how mrbeast just snatched that rug

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  • The first thing I would do if I got the house was paying over everything

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  • Just imagine if all those paintings came to life at 6 AM everyday

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  • omg i have subs to you and zhc toooo i love yours challenge mrbeast but i wont get giveaways beacuz i am an pakistani ]; cry face i am sad

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  • No fair I want a house

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  • Sana all may sariling bahay.

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  • Only One thing that I can say .. they're sooo talented..9😱😱

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  • 5:38 WTF

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  • Next: I surprised MrBeast with a custom *dinosaur*

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  • Nolan: Everywhere I look, I see their faces.

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  • nolan is like spiderman peter parker lol

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  • Mr beast: uuhhh the key video

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  • The edits were insane and so was this video

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  • imagine someone repainted it T-T

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  • Jaz is my favorite I’m not bias.

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  • I subscribe to both of you guys I like the flow video Jerry I don’t know how there’s a fly cave inside your coffin this is very weird I think it’s just like when you’re sleepy you’re probably just buried under with an in Ibiza help the day they gonna be like cracked all the way that he is very rare that he says that it probably hell no I don’t I did that make sen

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  • 11:23-11:41 My favorite part

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  • 13:25

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  • 8:17

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    • I love. It

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  • Karls little jump when he saw the Shrek

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  • Nice!

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  • Hey mrbeast did he say thank you

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  • 13:29 😂 MrBeast: Yup thats me

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  • lol :3

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  • I love how jaz has so much energy after a long day

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  • Fastest woman on earth 10:39

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  • ..... The key video...

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  • Has anyone noticed that sometimes theres a MrBeast dancing in the corner for example when ZHC painted a large dragon and dropped the marker

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  • How do you draw/ paint so good?!!!!

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