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Spongebob Conspiracy #4: www.youtube.com/watch?v=okFP9...

Written, Directed and Edited by Alex Bale
Production Assistant William O'Neil II

Twitter: twitter.com/AlexBaleFilms
Instagram: instagram.com/alex__bale/

Internet City's reaction: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA3j0...
Chris Wilson's reaction: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6nQt...

All clips used fall under fair use.

0:00 - Intro
2:51 - Mrs. Puff's Dark Past
8:33 - The Insanity of Mrs. Puff
18:10 - The Mastermind
27:13 - Ending

  • Help support the channel by going to nordvpn.com/alexbale or using code ALEXBALE and get 70% off NordVPN! Only $3.56/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE

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    • @Alex Bale what if the person who was on the wall of ms puff house, the guy that likely died, was ms puff ex boyfriend that she was dating in her 20's since this happened 20 years ago. This ex boyfriend was the son of the prison guard or head that you talked about. That probably would be the reason why he wants to torture her so much

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  • That the law now days they locked up us if we trip in the past

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  • Spongebob movie is bad why mrs puff is a good teacher but her past by stealing stuff that true but serve at the perole mate and give hopes and prayer not harass and duce

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  • Wait. If ‘Mrs puff” is a kleptomaniac she won’t regret her stealing but she regrets her past so she would also regret her stealing but kleptomaniacs don’t regret. Unless if I am dumb. And why will she have to stay at bikini bottom. Or the warden probably knows but he has no evidence so he gave her a ankle bracelet so she does more crimes then he would have evidence.

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  • Why does Spongebob have a lore?

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  • i tought the master mind would be the student that mrs puff cant teach

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  • That's impossible to believe.. you close the case in way no one can argue about it.. i do love conspiracies n the real stories behind all cartoons n movies shown. Thank you for your efforts.. keep it up

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  • What if the inception pic is actually camera in a mirror because the pic @22:57 is a reflection of her current camera feed

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  • hey alex, was that peace of paper that was in a bottle the information for 4# SpongeBob evolution theory?! I mean it has the number 4 in it.

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  • Wow bro im in complete shock (WTF) I’m like completely amazed by how determined you are to finding out the back stories for each character, It’s crazy because i remember 100% every episode your breaking down but sadly I over looked all the details and failed to connect the dots sigh… Mr. Puff is ALIVE !!! But can’t find his wife because she no longer lives in kelp city, the warden is so evil for that… or is he 🤯

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  • The picture in Mrs. Puffs house at the end of this video looks like one of the choir men from the episode when squidward has a chance to get into bikini bottoms choir.

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  • I have a theory aswell; Alex Bale is a nickelodeon employee and he has the job to finally reveal all those theories/plots since the viewers never caught up on them

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  • 18:27 I just realized that nobody has mentioned the fact that SpongeBob said "The Warden says she'll let you go early! If you do her a favor" The Warden isn't a female, and I'm pretty sure he uses only male pronouns What does he mean by 'she'? I think this rabbit hole goes a bit more deeper than just this, not to mention Mrs. Puff might not be the only one who changed her identity

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  • What is Mrs. Puff who was close to the person in the painting and so she gave him the license because she was very confident that he would do fine and then he ended up dying or something very bad happened to him in the accident that was caused and that's why the warden blames her and knows it was her

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