Trying MORE Viral Gadgets from AMAZON! *TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT*

2021 Мог 25-нд
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We’ve got a whole box of weird Amazon gadgets! I’m going to test every gadget for you! Write in the comments what you liked the most!

0:20 Snow white smile without dentists/ Toothbrush
1:12 Clean fruits and vegetables easy and fast/ Automatic apple peeler
2:10 Do you like popping pimples? Pimple popping toy/
2:55 Dumpling maker! Cooking for the whole family! Dumpling maker/
3:52 Do you have any berries? Let’s make a face mask/ Face mask maker/
5:22 You like to eat in front of your computer? Anti-spill bowl specialy for you! Anti - spill bowl /
6:25 Avocado multitool! 3 in 1! Avocado multi-tool
7:06 Your soup is saved! Mini mixer
7:52 This will definitely come in handy! Dkina Sock Slider

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  • Yeah go away

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  • “k

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  • The first one is fake the light is fake and so is the toothbrush

    君无门牙君无门牙6 цагийн өмнө
  • The anti spill bowl is in 5 minute crafts too

    memeow channellmemeow channell8 цагийн өмнө
  • Làm video mới đi chị

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  • Those stuff are cool u get it as in cool tool 🥰 I love you bye this in Anna to by the way now bye 😘

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  • Vagus 123go

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  • Good morning

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    • Msudhsjjcududiwgjk4tieiasudhjGOOD MORNIN

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  • You all are only talking about the brush

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  • L

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  • The thing the 1st one, it just rubs against your teeth. It doesent actually do anything and she had removed candy or something on her teeth to make people buy it but it’s just a scam. Don’t buy it unless you wanna Try it.

    L WL W2 өдрийн өмнө
    • Yeah it is true

      Matthew ReedMatthew Reed2 өдрийн өмнө
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  • You’re going to make some good soup

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  • Mt fav is the toothbrush cause I’m to lazy to turn it on I could sleep with that toothbrush and it’s better for brushing teeth it’s more comfy

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    • It is a scam

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  • I only watched this because I'm getting my bandaid off.( the sticky part is on the hurt part)

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    • I was stinging really bad and I was wanting to watch MNred taking it off

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