26 BEST LIFE HACKS || Cool 3D Pen Crafts and Parenting Ideas Of All Time

2021 Хул 20-нд
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Are you ready to discover some brilliant hacks that you’ve never seen before?

Let us show you some quick and easy solutions to life’s daily problems. 3D pens are like the upgraded version of a hot glue gun in some cases. And today, you’ll find some new ways to use 3D pens to fix stuff around your house. Instead of carrying a tube of toothpaste everywhere you go, squeeze out blobs of toothpaste on some greaseproof paper, sprinkle some baking soda on top, and let the toothpaste dry. Then transfer the blobs to a small jar and use them while you’re traveling. If the legs of your wooden chair break, don’t throw it away just yet. There’s a quick and easy way to fix it using a plastic bottle and a heat gun. You simply cut the top and bottom part off a plastic bottle, place it around the broken leg while connecting them back together, and heat it up to make it shrink. Let it cool down, and voila. Don’t forget to watch the video until the end to find out about a way to make your own phone case using hot glue and a piece of string. You’ll also discover some genius kitchen hacks and many more.

0:01 - A genius parenting hack everyone must learn
1:40 - How to fix a broken chair leg
3:13 - A quick way to flatten the dough
5:38 - Cracking a raw egg with a ring
7:00 - How to clean a dirty faucet
9:15 - How to zip-up a dress on your own
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