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2021 Мор 7-нд
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  • So that's based on a rue story of a poor boy

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  • Wait a minute 20+60 equals 80 but they look like they're 97

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  • Don't give homeless kids new phones how they gonna pay bill? What they gonna do with no wifi? Exactly

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  • This almost made me cry 😢 At the end

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  • Lol you guys are so cringe he doesn't need I phone he needs food how can he charge phone lol he doesn't hava home 🏡

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  • I like that she gibes him a phone instead of a new shirt- 🤦

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  • Why whould she give him a ipjone I mean hr does not have wifi and you need wifi to download apps and some how the poor becomes rich

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  • Girl gives boy iphone and boy gives girl flowers wrose gift ever tbh

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  • I think it cute when their kid cuz like I think they have a crush on each other and then git married and then had kids and never gave up on their relationship

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