Inside an Ice Cream Factory!

2021 Мог 28-нд
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Ever wonder how things are made? Well watch this video and find out lol


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    • Cris: breathes Jimmy: SHUT UP MAN

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  • but we all eat all the hot dogs in a hour

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  • Jimmy: i wanted an oreo mcflurry but the ice cream machine was broken Me: welcome to mcdonalds whats ur order bruh

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  • The hotdogs people make 262,800,000 hotdogs a year if they operate every day of the year

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  • weird kids in this video: how are babies made?

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  • Jimmy… I think you meant 7.2 million hotdogs a day 😅

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  • Hey btw I’m pretty sure they do a cleaning of the ice cream machine at night so that might explain why it was “broken”

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  • When Chris said that sucks them up that remind me of a ticket machine 1:00 (in the arcade)

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  • Chris and Jimmy are so funny. I want them to be my friends.

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  • 7:31 Guy explaining the video : It goes into this *"white stuff"* Jimmy and Chris: *Complete laughter disaster*

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  • Cris: breathes Jimmy: SHUT UP MAN

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    • When Chris said that sucks them up that remind me of a ticket machine 1:00 (in the arcade)

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  • Loki: what was you're nexus event McDonald's worker: I fixed the ice Cream Machine

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  • So you telling annything? Annything so you mr best is made like that ? Dang

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  • The subscriber amount increases while I'm watching this. That's freaking insane.

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